SYLTARE x DOPE Official Partnership

1 min readJul 26, 2022

June 23, 2022

◾️ Partnership details

1) Collaboration on ecosystem expansion, marketing, and community activation.
2) DOPE W&L for SYLTARE holder
3) DOPE beta tester role granted ($DOPES coins can be obtained according to beta performance) — In the DOPE Discord #Korean channel, reveal that you are a SYLTARE user, and request a beta test roll with a ticket.

◾️ DOPE project DOPE (Dawn of the Pixel Empire) is a socialFi project created by former Naver ZEPETO, Samsung, and EOS developers, led by former Representative Attorney from Kim & Chang.

◾️ DOPE is a 100% Ethereum on-chain socialFi P2E game. DOPE NFT holders will perform various roles assigned to the NFT to earn $DOPES. You can become an angel or a demon to gather or deceive the other side, or become a citizen and choose your faction. Become a king and pioneer a new castle, or become a zombie and infect citizens!




SYLTARE - The resonance of all worlds in space and time.