SYLTARE x Joo Jae-beom Official Partnership

1 min readJul 26, 2022

March 14, 2022

◾️ Partnership Details

- Collaboration to activate the NFT market
- Partner company marketing collaboration
- Interaction to activate the community
- Provision of whitelist and airdrop event for SYLTARE holders

◾️ Project Introduction Through artist Jaebeom Joo’s MONA GENERATION, you can enjoy various perspectives of the times, enjoy many benefits provided by the gallery, and realize once again that art is already with us through the experience of expanding the realm of our lives in the metaverse. We hope that this project will serve as a starting point for sharing our thoughts and feelings through the works of famous artists including Joo Jae-beom.

◾️ Writer Joo Jae-beom & STANbyB Artist Joo Jae-beom has a unique project using pixel art, and is working with domestic and foreign artists, including brands such as Instagram, Google, Nexon, Starbucks, Dior, and Nike. He belongs to STAN by B Gallery, its popularity continues to rise with many issues and its Monavirus works have recently been auctioned off at 9.8 Ethereum. Along with the high-quality metaverse, STAN by B Gallery, which is working with 30 artists from domestic and abroad, is positioning itself as a gallery that the MZ generation is passionate about, keeping pace with the current trend.




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