SYLTARE x Millionaire Joker Club Official Partnership

May 11, 2022

◾️ Partnership details

- Expansion of blockchain infrastructure
- Technology collaboration
- Interaction to activate the community
- Airdrop, whitelist event for SYLTARE holders

◾️ About the Millionaire Joker Club

- Millionaire Joker Club (MJC) is a poker-based Ethereum platform global project. With the content of poker, we do not only approach the world familiarly, but also provide contents that holders can gather together, from global booth promotion to metaverse casino. This is a project carried out by a team with technical support and professional poker players Jinho Hong and Yoohyeon Kim, who are active in various poker fields, as advisors in the SYLTARE team led by Doohee Lee.



SYLTARE - The resonance of all worlds in space and time.

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