SYLTARE x Wicked Leopard Club Official Partnership

Jul 26, 2022

May 23, 2022

◾️ Partnership details

1) Interaction to activate the community
2) Partnership to activate the Ethereum NFT market
3) WL/Airdrop event for SYLTARE holders

◾️ About WLC Project

  • NFT project in collaboration with Metacongz
  • Korea’s first party community NFT based on Ethereum
  • Rapper ‘Kerrigan May’ is in the community and communicates directly.
  • Regularly held offline parties/performances exclusively for WLC holders (+celebrity invitations)
  • Holder party scheduled to be held within a month after minting
  • VIP level granted according to the number of holdings: NFT airdrop benefits for concert invitations and party tickets




SYLTARE - The resonance of all worlds in space and time.